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Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Hungary: medical care for families isolated by poverty

Rome, 25/09/2014

Across Hungary the Order of Malta’s Charity Service (MMSz) is sending its doctors to isolated communities living in great poverty. In the Roma settlement of Monor, southeast of Budapest, a third of residents suffer from high blood pressure, many are in urgent need of dental treatment and between 15-20% of children are visually impaired.
Every week MMSz medics visit remote areas of Hungary providing families with basic health care, focusing in particular on eyesight. In the last year over 1,200 people across the country – and in neighbouring regions outside of Hungary – have received care.

Nearly a year after typhoon Haiyan

Rome, 19/09/2014

An interview with the Order of Malta Ambassador to the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan: 14.1 million people affected, about 10,000 dead, 4.1 million displaced and coastal towns in several provinces completely destroyed. The Philippine Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta, together with Malteser International, the relief agency of the Order, has been involved in the reconstruction process of the towns of San Antonio and Amandaheyan in Basey, Samar and in Santa Fe in Bantayan Island, Cebu. The Order of Malta in the Philippines implements the project of the government’s Relief and Rehabilitation Programme.
Odelia Arroyo, Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Philippines since 2013 and former Hospitaller of the Philippine Association, recalls in this interview the havoc caused by the typhoon that hit the Philippines so violently in early November 2013 and tells us about the fast response required to address the needs of the stricken population.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Floods in Bulgaria: the Order’s Embassy in Sofia organizes volunteers and emergency aid

Rome, 18/09/2014

In Bulgaria the torrential rain and flash flooding in July and August and again during last week have caused the death of fifteen people and forced thousands to leave their devastated homes. Besides the hundreds of houses, many other community buildings, such as orphanages, schools and homes for the elderly, were also destroyed.
Camillo Zuccoli, the Sovereign Order of Malta’s ambassador to Bulgaria, has been in contact with the mayors of Asparuhovo and Mizia, two of the most affected areas, to set up groups of volunteers – coordinated locally by First Counsellor Bogdan Patashev – to help those most in need.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World
Dr Peter Kaiser visits patients in a centre for displaced people in Zakho

Iraq crisis: Malteser International expands aid outreach

Cologne / Erbil, 11/09/2014

Number of displaced and refugees continues to rise

The number of displaced people and refugee camps in north Iraq continues to rise, according to the latest reports from the relief team of Malteser International, worldwide relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Thousands of civilians – predominantly Christians, Yazidi, Arabs and Syrian refugees – have fled to Kurdistan’s Zakho district, located on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World