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^M - Cologne: Iraq: More than three million people forced from their homes by conflict   -^M - Hungary: Asylum seekers reach record high. Order of Malta launches programme to meet the refugee needs across the country   - ^M - Juba/Cologne: South Sudan: Malteser International warns of renewed famine   -^M ^M - Cologne/Banda Aceh: Refugee Crisis in South-East Asia: Rohingya flee in their thousands   -^M - Nepal: Malteser International to establish field hospital in earthquake region   - - Fatima: Assistance to Pilgrims travelling to the Sanctuary of Fatima   - - Quake in Nepal: Order of Malta’s rescue teams have reached Kathmandu   - - Earthquake in Nepal: Worldwide Relief Agency of the Order of Malta sends an assessment team   - - Ivory Coast: a new Hospital for the population   - - Bulgaria: Hot meals distributed during winter   - - Iraq: A second medical center in northern Kurdistan will secure the population’s access to healthcare   - - Southeast Asia: Order of Malta on the frontline in leprosy treatment   - - United States: aid programmes for prisoners and their families   - - Italy: New drama in the Strait of Sicily. The Order of Malta’s Relief Corps’ psychologists arrived in Lampedusa   - - Lithuania: over 80,000 meals distributed in 2014 by the Order of Malta’s Relief Organisation   - - Cuba: wide-ranging commitment from soup kitchens to medical missions   - - France: Volunteers raise funds for World Leprosy Day   - - Peru: A Hospital Ship brings healthcare to rural communities along the Rio Napo   - - Lithuania: “Christmas Soup”, an effective tool for financing social projects and involving new young volunteers   - - United States: school children join “baby bottle campaign” to fund the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem   -

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Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Iraq: More than three million people forced from their homes by conflict

Cologne 17/08/2015

The Worldwide Relief Agency of the Order of Malta, Malteser International: “We have to keep our aid mobile”

In the year or so since the mass exodus of Iraqis from Mosul and the Sinjar Mountains, more than three million people in Iraq have fled from the so-called ‘Islamic State’ terror group. The United Nations estimate that a further 1.7 million will be added to this number before the end of the year. Malteser International, the Worldwide Relief Agency of the Order of Malta, is therefore planning to expand its mobile medical aid in the country.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Asylum seekers in Hungary reach record high: Order of Malta launches programme to meet the refugee needs across the country

Rome 05/08/2015

Over 32,000 people fleeing conflict, violence and poverty have requested asylum in Hungary in the first quarter of this year, the second highest number of applicants in the European Union after Germany in this period of time. A significant increase on the 43,000 requests received in 2014 and dramatic jump from 2,150 requests in 2012. Many of the migrants have journeyed from the Middle East and North Africa, crossing into the landlocked country in the heart of Europe at its border with Serbia.
In the wake of such figures, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta has launched an emergency medical and relief programme to address the plight of refugees in three major cities across the country.

Three months after the earthquake: Nepal needs long-term international aid

Kathmandu/Cologne 29/07/2015

Malteser International provides emergency relief for 33,000 people

In the first three months after the severe earthquake which hit Nepal on the 25th April 2015, Malteser International, the Order of Malta worldwide relief agency, provided emergency aid for around 33,000 people. In the especially hard-hit districts of Sindhupalchok and Khavre north east of the capital, the aid organization provided 4,600 families in 54 communities – a total of almost 28,000 people – with essential food supplies, hygiene articles and tarpaulins for the construction of emergency shelters. Since it opened at the end of May, around 5,000 sick and injured people have received treatment at the Malteser International led field hospital in Lamosanghu, near to the Chinese border. In light of the violent destruction in the country, the Order of Malta plans to continue to support Nepal with rebuilding efforts through the coming years.

Make a Wish: the Sovereign Order of Malta’s initiative for Serbian children

Rome 23/07/2015

To offer a smile to a sick child by fulfilling his or her greatest dreams. This is the aim of Make a Wish to the Sovereign Order of Malta, the initiative addressed to Serbian children and adolescents living in the areas struck by the violent floods in 2014.

Promoted by the Sovereign Order of Malta’s embassy in Serbia, the fundraising event was organized by Prince Michael of Yugoslavia on 19th June last in Monte Carlo with 140 personalities from Serbia, Monaco, Italy and France participating, including Prince Alexander II and Princess Catherine Karadjorgevic as well as the Archbishop of Belgrade, Mgrs. Stanislao Hocevar.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World