Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

915,000 Refugees in Lebanon After Three Years of War in Syria


According to the latest United Nations figures, three years after the onset of civil war in Syria there are now 915,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon, or the equivalent of a quarter of the local population of 4 million. This is the highest per capita concentration of any country in recent history, without counting the civilians fleeing from Syria to Lebanon who are not registered as refugees, numbering some 800,000.


A stamp celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order


The symbol that identifies worldwide the medical and humanitarian activities of the Sovereign Order of Malta is at the centre of a stamp issued by the Hungarian Postal Service. Designed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, the stamp depicts the red shield with a white eight-pointed cross, framed by the words “Tuitio fidei et obsequium pauperum” the Latin motto that sums up the mission of the Order of Malta.


The International Strategic Seminar on Rhodes


Over 350 participants from all over the world

The  Sovereign Order of  Malta’s International Strategic Seminar was held from 12 to 17 February 2014.  The five-yearly conference brought together the Order’s government, leaders of the national associations, ambassadors, diplomats, members of the Order and directors of the volunteer corps to discuss future strategies and the challenges to be faced.  After Malta in 2004 and Venice in 2009, this year the meeting venue was Rhodes, so significant in the Order’s history as seat of the Grand Master and government for over 200 years from 1310 to 1523.




Thanks to an agreement with the Sanctuary and the Holy see, a new soup kitchen for the poor and pilgrims will shortly be inaugurated

Visit to Pompeii for the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta Fra’ Matthew Festing. There to greet him were the Archbishop-Prelate of Pompeii, monsignor Tommaso Caputo, and high officers of the Sovereign Order of Malta’s  Grand Priory of Naples and Sicily. The Grand Master’s visit follows the recent agreement signed with the Sanctuary and Holy See for setting up a new soup kitchen.


Official Visit of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus


The Ambassador Alexandros Zenon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, was received in Rome, on 5th February 2014, by the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Malta,  Jean-Pierre Mazery.
During the meeting, which took place in the Grand Magistry, the reunification of the island was discussed as well as its economic and social situation, following the recent financial crisis.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Volunteers in Buenos Aires with a mobile soup kitchen


By now it’s a regular appointment: every Thursday at 8 p.m. in Plaza Libertad, Buenos Aires. But the menu, thanks to the flair and creativity of the volunteers from the Order of Malta’s Argentine Association, changes every week. Hot soups, filled rolls, meat or cold dishes. As well as friendship, love and attention. These are the ingredients of the “mobile soup kitchen” run by the Argentine Association which takes consignments of food and drink to the famous square in Buenos Aires straight from the volunteers’ kitchens.




The accord for the Order of Malta’s Military Corps to work in the healthcare sector

On 29 January the Italian Minister of Defence Mario Mauro and the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta Jean-Pierre Mazery signed a new cooperation agreement between the Ministry and the Order. This accord involves “first-aid activities during wars, natural disasters and emergencies, both inside the national territory and on humanitarian peacekeeping missions outside the national territory “. “This signature strengthens the profound bond uniting us and confirms the importance of the cooperation between the Italian State and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,” Minister Mauro said.




The Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Malta Jean-Pierre Mazery received the Romanian Minister of Foreign, Titus Corlăţean, on 28 January. During the meeting, held in an atmosphere of cordiality, the Romanian minister expressed his appreciation for the medical and humanitarian activities the Order of Malta performs in his country, and especially the projects for the disabled and the elderly.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

World Leprosy Day: Ordre de Malte France takes to the streets to raise funds


The 61st World Leprosy Day was celebrated on Sunday 26 January. An opportunity to review treatment for the disease and to promote the rights of those it has affected, especially in India, Brazil and Indonesia. Ordre de Malte France, in the vanguard in treating and assisting leprosy patients, organized a campaign to finance research on 24, 25 and 26 January. Some ten thousand volunteers took to the French streets to collect funds. Last year 740,000 euro were raised during the same initiative.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Syria conflict: working for peace and mediation at the Turkish border


To improve the integration of Syrian refugees with the local population 

As International Diplomacy is gathered in Switzerland in the high-level peace conference for Syria, work on the field to bring aid to the many Syrian refugees pouring into the neighbouring countries is ongoing. Malteser International, the Order of Malta’s International Relief Agency, has set up a community centre for Syrian refugees and the host population in Kilis, Turkey, near the Syrian border, in cooperation with the Turkish humanitarian organisation International Blue Crescent and with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.