“The Inestimable Value of Manuscripts”: a recent publication describes the treasures of the Magistral Archives


Correspondence, Magistral decrees, Sovereign Council minutes, cabrei – volumes describing and illustrating the Order’s agricultural real estate – and account books. In addition to the documents produced for entry into the Order, such as family trees, parchments dating back to the Middle Ages, seals and coats of arms. These epitomize the immense resources of the Order of Malta’s Archives kept inside the Magistral Palace in Rome. We’re talking about a collection of documents in continual communication, even today, with the archives of institutions worldwide, illustrated for the first time in the book “Il valore inestimabile delle Carte. L’Archivio del Sovrano Ordine di Malta e la sua storia: un primo esperimento di ricostruzione” (“The Inestimable Value of Manuscripts. The Sovereign Order of Malta’s Archive and its History: an initial attempt at reconstruction”)


‘Healing the wounds of war’: a new video on Malteser International’s work with Syrian refugees


We are in Kilis in southeast Turkey, a city close to the Syrian border that hosts more refugees than local residents. Here, the Order of Malta’s worldwide relief agency Malteser International, in cooperation with its Turkish partner organisation, has constructed a hospital where medics treat refugees of the Syrian civil war. Those who have made it this far may have survived the war but have often suffered severe injuries. Their homes, their homeland, and often members of their families, are gone forever. Here at the field hospital the refugees receive medical care from their fellow countrymen. A glimmer of hope for a better future.


The interview of Rome Reports with the Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta


Television news agency Rome Reports took part in the press conference “Populations fleeing war and poverty: the work of the Order of Malta” that took place on 2nd July in Rome. The agency interviewed the Grand Chancellor Albrecht Boeselager at the Magistral Villa to get an account of the humanitarian emergencies the Order of Malta is tackling.


Cooperation Agreement between Palestine and the Sovereign Order of Malta


The Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Riad al Maliki, and the Sovereign Order of Malta Representative to Palestine Amb. Justin Simpson, signed a cooperation agreement on 29th June in Ramallah to further develop a long tradition of collaboration in the field of medicine and health. This agreement will further facilitate the Order of Malta’s humanitarian assistance on the territory of Palestine. It is aimed to promote the medical and care actions of the Order of Malta focusing on the improvement of public health, in particular in the fields of maternal and infant health, the treatment of people in hospitals and clinics and in facilitating the training of medical professionals.




The Sovereign Order of Malta’s commitment illustrated at a press conference in Rome

Populations fleeing war, persecution, poverty and destitution. Fleeing from Syria torn apart by an endless conflict, from the heart of Africa devastated by violence, to the Sicilian coast: a journey of hope that often turns into a nightmare and ends in tragedy. During a press conference held yesterday, 2 June, in the Magistral Villa in Rome, the Sovereign Order of Malta’s Grand Chancellor, Albrecht Boeselager, illustrated the projects underway in several parts of the world to assist what the UN estimates are now 51 million refugees and displaced persons. Practically an entire nation on the move.


Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing in audience with Pope Francis


Fra’ Matthew Festing was this morning received in audience by Pope Francis in Vatican City. At the meeting, the Grand Master outlined the recent key activities of the Order of Malta, stressing the need to assist in the worrying evolution of humanitarian emergencies in the Middle East and Africa and which has led to a growing influx of migrants in many parts of the world.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Malteser International at the International Green Film Festival in Seoul


“More than a tree” selected amongst films on disaster risk reduction in Myanmar

“More than a tree”, a film of the Order of Malta’s worldwide relief agency Malteser International, has been selected as one of the 100 best films out of 1,000 submissions from 97 countries to be presented during the International Green Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Produced in 2012 by Khin Myanmar/Yangon Film Services, the film shows one of Malteser International’s disaster risk reduction projects in Myanmar. Every year, coastal communities in Rakhine State on the north-western coast of Myanmar are exposed to the threat of floods and cyclones.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Floods in Serbia: the Order of Malta’s Embassy Delivers Food Aid


The Order of Malta’s Embassy in Belgrade has just delivered an initial shipment of food aid to victims of the recent floods in Serbia, where over 50 deaths have been recorded and damages are estimated at one billion euro.
A second consignment of 17 tons of foodstuffs, clothing and personal hygiene products will be distributed to the stricken population thanks to a generous contribution from a well-known Italian supermarket chain.

Latest interventions of the Order of Malta in the World

Fleeing from Fear and Despair


A journey to Lampedusa recounts at first hand the work carried out by the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps’ volunteers

Giada, a young Order of Malta volunteer doctor from Sicily who is assisting the migrants on Lampedusa, has despair impressed on her arms. It’s a spring evening, dusk is falling; the air is cool on board the Cost Guards’ ATR 300 and we’re wearing long-sleeved jackets. We’re crouched in the patrol vessel used for rescuing the migrants’  boats to interview the volunteers who are present at the moment when fear turns into hope for those who find strong and expert arms at the end of a long and extenuating journey.   And they desperately grasp those arms, using their last strength with a force they don’t realise they possess.  The bruises on Giada Bellanca’s forearms are evidence of a human experience that the 33-year-old doctor will carry with her for the rest of her life.


The Chapter General of the Sovereign Order of Malta was held in Rome


The Assembly has elected government members for the next five-year term

Presided over by the Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing, the Chapter General of the Sovereign Order of Malta was held in Rome on 30 and 31 May.  The Chapter General is convened every five years to elect the members of the Sovereign Council (the Government of the Order), the Government Council and the members of the Board of Auditors. Fra’ Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein was elected as Grand Commander, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager was elected as Grand Chancellor, Head of the Executive Branch and Foreign Minister, whereas Dominique de la Rochefoucauld-Montbel and Janos von Esterhazy de Galantha, have been elected as Grand Hospitaller, Minister of Health and of International Cooperation, and as the Receiver of the Common Treasure respectively.