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Disease & epidemics


The Order of Malta organizes a new Doctor to Doctor meeting with Lebanese health specialists and authorities

A new Doctor to Doctor meeting took place on Wednesday 10 June with Lebanese, Italian and German health experts. Aim of the virtual meeting is to allow doctors and health specialists to share knowledge on the management and treatment of Covid 19.


The Order’s solidarity chain: 9,000 masks from Germany to Romania, Hungary and Austria

At the beginning of April the Roman-Catholic Diocese of Iasi, in the eastern Romanian province of Moldavia, asked the Romanian Association of the Order of Malta, if it could help with providing FFP masks.


Lieutenant ad interim meets Order’s members, doctors and volunteers: Thank you for fighting Coronavirus

Yesterday afternoon, in the garden of the Magistral Villa in Rome, there was a short but intense encounter between the Lieutenant ad interim, Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas, and a delegation of Order of Malta members, doctors, paramedics and volunteers.


South Africa: Order of Malta feeding the most vulnerable amid the Covid-19 crisis

The South African branch of the Sovreign Order of Malta provides life-saving food packages to hundreds of vulnerable people, isolated in their homes and unable to receive government aid amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic. 


Doctors to Doctors project continuing to explore implications of Covid 19 in Yemen

In the meeting today doctors working on the frontline against the pandemic in Europe and Turkey were able once again to share specific insights with their Yemeni counterparts on procedures for preventing and treating the virus.

Latest interventions

Covid-19: Summary of the actions taken worldwide by the Order of Malta

The Order of Malta is increasing its worldwide engagement dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, scaling up its socio-medical projects in the 120 country where its Associations relief and volunteer corps operate.


St. Peter’s Basilica Reopens: Order of Malta’s Volunteers Administer Health Checks

At 7.30 this morning, in an almost deserted St. Peter’s Square, the bells rang out for the first mass after the long interval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps delivers a new Covid hospital in Civitanova to the Marche Region

After three weeks of intense work, the Covid hospital in Civitanova  – in the province of  Macerata – has been officially handed over to the Marche Region. 


Irish Ambulance Corps of the Order of Malta cooperating closely with national emergency Covid 19 response programme

With over 23,000 Covid 19 cases confirmed – and population just under 5 million - Ireland has been struggling to contain the spread of the virus.