Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


Assistance to pilgrims en route to Fatima

Assistance to pilgrims en route to Fatima

For thirty-six years the Order of Malta’s voluntary corps in Portugal (CVOM) has been offering medical assistance to pilgrims travelling to the sanctuary of Fatima. This year has been no exception and from 5 to 12 May over 250 volunteers – doctors, nurses, first-aid experts and rescuers – set up and ran six assistance centres to the north and south of Fatima. Overall, first aid services were guaranteed for some 200 kilometres.

Over 4000 pilgrims made use of the assistance provided free by the Order of Malta. Seven cases needed to be transported to hospital; over 1400 pilgrims rested in the centres and some 1100 meals were served.

Besides the commitment of the Order of Malta’s members and volunteers, the organization had the significant support of the Portuguese army and that of St. John’s Hospital in Porto.