Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


Inauguration of the order of malta’s legal year

Inauguration of the order of malta’s legal year

On 5 February, H.M.E.H. the Prince and Grand Master, Fra’ Andrew Bertie, received in solemn audience the members of the Magistral Courts for the inauguration of the Order’s Legal Year. The High Offices and members of the Sovereign Council were present.

After the introductory speech by the Advocate General “on the juridical profiles inherent in the Order’s status, privileges and immunity in virtue of its recognised Sovereignty” H.M.E.H. addressed those present, highlighting developments in the communications field and new prospects for the Order within the framework of global dialogue. The President of the Magistral Court of Appeal, Prof. Cesare Maria Moschetti, then gave the annual report on the activities of the Order’s judiciary.

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