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Meeting between Estonia and Order of Malta with focus on digital divide

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“I am very happy to be the first Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs to make an official visit to the Sovereign Order of Malta and I am eager to strengthen our bilateral cooperation.” With these words, Eva-Maria Liimets met Grand Chancellor Albrecht Boeselager in the Magistral Villa in Rome.

Numerous topics were covered during the meeting, ranging from the international situation – with a focus on Afghanistan and the Middle East – to the European Union’s migration policies, Estonia’s increased commitment in humanitarian cooperation and the digitisation of third countries.

The Grand Chancellor explained the many areas in which the Order of Malta works in the 120 countries it is present, starting with the efforts made in recent months to counter the spread of Covid-19 and alleviate its consequences.

During the meeting it was decided to continue talks about cooperation for bridging the digital divide.

The respective ambassadors, Paul Teesalu for Estonia and Manfred L. Mautner von Markhof for the Order of Malta, also attended the meeting.

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