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Myanmar: Emergency relief for displaced stepped up in Rakhine state

Myanmar: Emergency relief for displaced stepped up in Rakhine state

Situation critical amid monsoon conditions: the Order of Malta provides medical treatment, flood protection and sanitation in camps where displaced people are living.

Almost a year after a violent ethnic conflict forced thousands to leave their homes, nearly 140,000 people are still displaced in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The situation continues to be critical: with the current monsoon season, the displaced are constantly threatened by flooding in the camps. For this reason, the Order of Malta’s worldwide relief agency, Malteser International, is intensifying its relief efforts in the region.

From now until 2014, mobile medical teams will offer free treatment to more than 40,000 people. The organisation will ship all of the needed medication that cannot be purchased on site from Germany. In addition, Malteser International will improve the poor sanitary conditions in the camps – building facilities to provide for a total of 11,000 camp residents.

To protect the displaced population from floods during the rainy season, the teams will build a drainage system around the camps. They will also provide a regular drinking water supply through a network of shallow wells and conduct regular tests to control the water quality at the pumps. A hygiene campaign will keep the residents informed on how to prevent diseases.

Malteser International has been providing emergency relief in the region since June of last year. More than 16,000 people have already received aid packages with blankets, hygiene items, and other essentials. Mobile medical teams provided treatment for more than 3,000 patients, and facilities have been built across the camps.