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Order of Malta Hungary donates to Ukraine 5 tons of aid every day

Order of Malta Hungary donates to Ukraine 5 tons of aid every day

The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta is working round the clock to provide aid and assistance to the refugees crossing the border. As a result of the war in Ukraine, more than 150,000 refugees have already arrived in Hungary.  The Order of Malta has opened a logistics centre in Berehovo, Ukraine, which is continuously replenished from the central warehouse in Budapest. The Hungarian Charity Service is delivering 5 tons of donations a day to Ukraine, from durable food to diapers, from hygiene items to blankets, bandages and hospital beds. Last week the Order of Malta in Hungary received the aid consignments from the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta which are being distributed in the Ukrainian territory.


The new warehouse set up in Berehovo, few kilometres from the border with Hungary, receives shipments from the Order of Malta once or twice daily. Increasing the commodity stocks is imperative because the shops are no longer being restocked in the Transcarpathian region.The Order of Malta supply system is now delivering to the interior of Ukraine, where shortages are greater. A charity kitchen is also running and lunch is being delivered to the elderly by bicycle to save costs.

Southern Great Plain Region

Shelters for Ukrainian refugees have been set up in Hungary in the cities of Soltvadkert, Zákányszék and Kiskunmaja, and several families are also accommodated in Kecskemét. The region’s institutions have tasked the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta with the support of the families staying in the shelters. 23 donation collection points are operating in the region, where generous donations of food and money are being received. The donations are collected in Kecskemét and transported from there to Berehovo.

Keleti railway station, BudapestThe reception and assistance of refugees is still ongoing at the Keleti railway station in Budapest – one of the three most important in the Hungarian capital -, but the Charity Service of the Order of Malta has reorganised its assistance service in agreement with the organisations working on the ground. The Charity Service of the Order of Malta has set up a waiting area, referred to as a “quiet corner”, for mothers with young children, elderly people and people with disabilities. The organisation is strengthening its interpreter and informational service. It also provides organised assistance in finding accommodation and helps with transport for people staying in Budapest. It provides wheelchair, walkers and other medical supplies for people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

Budapest: Rimaszombati Road

The Charity Service of the Order of Malta has opened a new temporary shelter in Budapest, in the municipally owned, vacant dormitory on Rimaszombati Road. The building has the capacity to accommodate 35 people, with the capacity to add 20 extra beds if necessary. The shelter is staffed by 6 volunteers per day.

Budapest: Piroska Road

The 27 rooms in the guesthouse on Piroska Road are operating continually at full capacity, with refugees typically moving on after one or two nights.