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Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


Order of Malta in Australia makes bushfire appeal


The Order of Malta’s association in Australia expresses its deepest concern for the violent bushfires which have been raging for months through parts of the country. The unprecedented fires have already claimed 25 lives and millions of animals have perished. Millions of acres have burned so far, an area larger than Switzerland. Further catastrophic weather conditions are forecast starting from next Friday, warn the local authorities.  About 3,000 army reservists, along with aircraft and naval ships, are being made available to help with the evacuation and firefighting efforts.

The Order of Malta Australia will be using money from its Natural Disaster Fund to provide emergency relief to those directly impacted. The Association is exploring with its regional Hospitaller network how to best provide direct assistance to the thousands who have lost homes or are stranded.

In launching a fundraising appeal the national Australian hospitaller, John Murphy, said that $50,000 have already been committed to fund food vouchers that will be made available through Parishes offering support.