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Sudan: healthcare and midwifery kits reach health centres in Darfur

Sudan: healthcare and midwifery kits reach health centres in Darfur

Support for the 40,000 people who live in northern Darfur comes in the form of Primary Healthcare and Midwifery kits, distributed by Birke Herzbruch, Aid Coordinator of the Order of Malta Emergency Corps (ECOM), in cooperation with UNICEF. The kits, given to three health centres in Shingil Thobaya and in Thabit in rural regions in northern Darfur, offer support to the afflicted in this area, many of whom suffer from serious health and nutrition problems. Most are victims who have had to flee their villages to escape the militia attacks.

With this distribution, ECOM via Malteser Germany can help support the work of the local health centres, urgently in need of medicines, dressings, and basic equipment for their midwives.

The primary healthcare kits consist of antibiotics, anti-malaria-medicaments, analgesics, oral rehydration solution (salt and sugar) for the required water balance of the children, and dressing material. The midwifery kits comprise everything a midwife needs for her work.

In the near future, ECOM via Malteser Germany will prepare a comprehensive primary healthcare programme for the population of the Shingil Tobaya region.