Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


The French association sends aid to El Salvador and India


On 20 January 2001, the Association of French Hospitaller Works of the Order of Malta (OHFOM), sent 500 kilograms of medicines to the quake-stricken population of El Salvador. Official estimates had put the casualties at 609, with 2,375 injured and 2000 missing. 20,000 were left homeless. The aid was sent in by air and distributed in the country by the Order’s Association in El Salvador. The Order also helped in the provision of the population’s basic necessities by sending clothes, victuals and reconstruction materials.

The French Association also provided support in India, after the calamitous earthquake in the Gujarat region. After a preliminary field survey carried out by ECOM (Emergency Corps Order of Malta) to assess needs, the Association of French Hospitaller Works contributed by organising a field hospital with two surgeries and medical equipment, run by physicians, nurses and medical auxiliaries.