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The Order of Malta continues to support people fleeing Ukraine

The Order of Malta continues to support people fleeing Ukraine

The Order of Malta is mobilising extensive resources to support the Ukrainian refugees as intense fighting is continuing in many cities across the country. 12 million people are in desperate need of help of whom 4.3 million are internally displaced persons. 4 million conflict-affected people are expected to cross into neighbouring countries. Together with the relief services of the Order of Malta in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries, Malteser International – the Order of Malta’s worldwide relief agency – is providing food, shelter, and medical assistance to people displaced by the continuing military operations in the country. Thousands of volunteers of the Order of Malta are working tirelessly to provide help and assistance.

In Ukraine existing Malterser International psychosocial activities continue remotely where possible. A field kitchen has been established at Krakowez in Western Ukraine for refugees waiting at the border. Field kitchens, psychosocial support, and a medical station are running in city centre of Lviv. In Ivano-Frankivsk an emergency shelter is providing field beds for more than 250 internally displaced people. Medical supplies worth 60,000 euros were dispatched from Germany last week and more food supplies are expected in the coming days.

In Poland support is offered round the clock to incoming refugees at the border with Ukraine including a shuttle service and mobile medical points in Przemysland near Kroscienko. In Hungary mobile medical units are in action along the border.  In Romania the Order of Malta is supporting refugees at the border: in the cities of Sighetu Marmației, and Satu Mare.

The Slovakian organisation of the Order of Malta is providing transport and accommodation to incoming refugees at the border. In Lithuania registration assistance is offered in Vilnius and a reception centre is running in Marijampolė. 270 humanitarian packages have been distributed, and support for disabled children refugees is provided. In Slovenia accommodation is being identified for refugees.

The Order of Malta’s embassies are also supporting aid and relief services for the refugees. In a note sent to the Ukrainian authorities and to the Ukrainian Ambassadors in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, the Order of Malta has requested urgently that its organisations be guaranteed the full protection of international law through the erection of a humanitarian corridor and that all the humanitarian aid be safely delivered to the people in need.

Many national associations and volunteer corps of the Order of Malta are managing fundraising campaigns and are collecting goods such as first aid items, medicines, warm clothing and blankets to be delivered to the refugees. In Germany, the Order of Malta is gearing up to house and care for the Ukrainians who have fled, mostly women with children

The Order of Malta has been active in Ukraine since the 1990s. In close cooperation, Malteser Ukraine, Malteser Germany and Malteser International provide psychological support to displaced persons and offer hot meals for refugees, as well as poor and disadvantaged people. The Order of Malta Germany has sent medical supplies and mobile soup kitchens to support displaced people in Ivano-Frankivsk.