Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


The Order’s Embassy in Bosnia Herzegovina sends medical supplies to the Sv.Vinko Paulski centre

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The new Catholic hospital ‘Sv. Vinko Paulski’, whose construction was promoted by Cardinal Pulji, Archbishop of Vrhbosna-Sarajevo, recently received medical supplies for its orthopaedics division from the Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Bosnia Herzegovina, Lorenzo Tacchella.

The centre has been provided with 20 adjustable beds, eight wheelchairs, a cardiac defibrillator, a sphygmomanometer and other medical equipment such as sterilisation baskets, phlebo supports, trapezes and wheelchairs. Before the end of the year the Embassy will send another truck with further supplies, to be used in other hospital divisions.

Archbishop Puljic, on thanking the Order of Malta for the donation, expressed his gratitude ‘on behalf of the poor people of Sarajevo, too, who will benefit from this initiative’.