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Ukraine war: the Order of Malta scaling up its relief operations in the region

The Grand Hospitaller at the Polish-Ukrainian border to support work of volunteers
Ukraine war: the Order of Malta scaling up its relief operations in the region

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine over a month ago, the Order of Malta – with the coordination of Malteser International – its worldwide relief agency – has provided food, support and medical assistance to some 275,000 people at border crossings. It has also distributed 62,300 meals to displaced people in Ukraine and around 47 truckloads of medical supplies, food, and other materials entered the country with more planned. Volunteer mobile medical teams are working around the clock in Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine, as well as in Romania and Slovakia.

The Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta, Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel travelled to the Polish-Ukranian border on Sunday to assess the relief operations and bring his support to the many volunteers working tirelessly onsite.

In Ukraine 34,500 portions of food and 4,200 blankets and sleeping bags have been distributed by the Order of Malta volunteers. Goods have been delivered in over 18 locations in the country. As the needs of the displaced rise, the Order is extending its existing projects as far as possible in Donbass and Mariupol. Accommodation is provided to the displaced in Lviv and Ivano Frankivsk. A field kitchen is running at the Polish border in Krakowez where psychological support is also offered. In Berehove, at the border with Hungary, the Order of Malta is supporting refugees waiting to cross border and is distributing relief goods. In addition, Order of Malta teams are organising transport of sick refugees to the border and are providing support to mother and child facilities.

In Hungary the Order of Malta is organising support and pick-up service at the border in Beregsurány, accommodation and assistance for incoming refugees in various cities, and is offering support in Berehove. Over 44,500 displaced people have been helped.

In Poland a shuttle service and mobile medical points are running at the Kroscienko border and food is being distributed in other locations.

Romanian volunteers are offering accommodation and border pick up service at Sighetu Marmației, Siret and Satu Mare. In Slovakia the Order of Malta is organising transportation and accommodation service to incoming refugees at Vysne Nemecke. Over 3,000 refugees have been assisted.

In addition to the relief operations in the neighbouring countries, many other Order of Malta’s Grand Priories and Associations are contributing to the aid provision. Germany is organising the collection and transport of relief goods and is providing accommodation to nearly 10,000 refugees.

The Order of Malta in France has deployed some of its volunteers in Hungary and the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta is organising the transport of goods as well as collecting donations. The three Italian Grand Priories collected tons of basic necessities which were sent to the countries on the border with Ukraine and are coordinating fundraising campaigns.

The Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovenia are also providing welcome services and accommodation to incoming refugees as well as distributing humanitarian aid and medical equipment to sick refugees.