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Afghanistan, the Order of Malta calls on all parties to respect humanitarian law

Afghanistan, the Order of Malta calls on all parties to respect humanitarian law

The Order of Malta is following with utmost attention and concern the dramatic events unfolding in Afghanistan and the critical humanitarian and human rights situation in the country.

On 24 August, the Order of Malta Permanent observer mission to the United Nations in Geneva intervened at the 31st Special Session of the Human Right Council on the situation in Afghanistan. , In its statement, the Permanent observer mission supported the Human Right Council draft resolution, in particular its emphasis on the need for “efforts towards an inclusive peace and reconciliation process” that in turn will lead to an inclusive durable political settlement.

The Order of Malta “calls on all parties to respect humanitarian and human rights law, including the rights to life, freedom of religion and health. Of particular concern is the protection of the most vulnerable, such as women, children, and religious minorities. In this spirit, we align ourselves with the Australian/Spanish joint statement on women’s and girl’s human rights”.

“Malteser International, our worldwide relief agency, – as reminded by Jean-François Kammer, Deputy Permanent Observer, intervening at the session on behalf of the Order of Malta – is mobilising its operational structures to assist those in need and is ready to provide urgent humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in and around Kabul and to refugees through its teams in Pakistan, as urged in the draft resolution. At the same time, we are also trying to secure the evacuation of current and former members of humanitarian partners currently in Afghanistan, who have requested our assistance. Protected persons must be able to leave the country without let or hinderance”.