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Assault in southeast Afghanistan: two malteser employees murdered

Assault in southeast Afghanistan: two malteser employees murdered

Two local staff members of the Order of Malta German Emergency Corps (Malteser) were killed Tuesday 3 August in Southeast Afghanistan in an ambush. They were returning from the project area in Neak Nam in Zurmat District, Paktia Province, when at about 5 p.m. local time bullets were targeted at their car from a passing vehicle. Mohammed Idrees Sadiq died at the spot of the assault. 19-year old Emal Abdul Samad was flown to the hospital in Bagram, where he passed away due to his severe injuries.

„We mourn for our two colleagues. Our deepest sympathy is with their families and relatives,” condoles the director of Malteser Germany, Ingo Radtke, in the name of the organisation. „We are shaken to the core by the heinous act,” adds Radtke “and we are very worried about the increasing insecurity in Afghanistan caused by the upcoming elections.” Due to the tragic occurrence Malteser Germany is going to cease its activities in Southeast Afghanistan until further notice.

On behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), that is going to investigate the severe incident, the Order of Malta German Emergency Corps is supporting the return and reintegration of refugees in the region. The German Emergency Corps is involved in the infrastructure development and helps stabilise the economic situation through income generating measures in local communities.

The Order of Malta German Emergency Corps has been active in Afghanistan since 2002. At present is working in seven provinces and in the capital Kabul, 20 expatriate and 250 local staff members are facilitating reconstruction and development of the country in various projects.