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Dealing with Dementia, the Order of Malta’s long experience in Europe

Dealing with Dementia, the Order of Malta’s long experience in Europe

Congress in Dusseldorf in September

The European population continues to age and the problem of senile dementia is growing with it. Professionals and volunteers from the Order of Malta’s various associations in the old continent have been addressing this issue for many years, a challenge not only for those directly involved and their families but also for each country’s social-health care. The World Health Organisation estimates that there are seven million people with dementia in Europe: an enormous social cost that is destined to grow, since the number of people affected will double over the next fifty years.

The Order of Malta, especially in Germany, Great Britain and France, has a close network of assistance to the elderly and an impressive know-how. Important progress has been made in alleviating the symptoms of senile dementia by developing and sharing guidelines and introducing an innovative and sometimes pioneering approach to assistance. The aim is to obtain the best possible quality of life for patients with this disease by suitably training all those who, at various levels, take care of them.

In Germany, which currently has 1.6 million people with dementia, it is estimated that they will be around three million in 2050. Dementia is a chronic and irreversible disease: its early diagnosis and subsequent acceptance, besides a favourable environment, are essential for effectively dealing with it.

And precisely on this topic, to mark the ten years of cooperation between Malteser Deutschland and the Fondazione Silviahemmet, the third “Order of Malta Congress on Dementia” will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany on 13 and 14 September 2019.

The congress will gather under one roof scientists, experts and those working daily with this disease to exchange ideas and experiences . The main question on which the meeting will focus is summed up in the title “Being in the middle but feeling outside? Participating with all senses”. It regards ways to integrate persons affected by dementia and their families in the various situations of social life, whether they be religious celebrations or visits to theatres and museums, and how to move forward. During the congress the most recent studies in neuroscience will be also be presented as well as newly emerging issues and future scientific solutions. For the programme and registration:

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