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Grand Chancellor in Peru: official meetings and visits to social projects

Grand Chancellor in Peru: official meetings and visits to social projects

The first day of Grand Chancellor Albrecht Boeselager’s official visit to Peru was marked by a long, cordial conversation with Néstor Francisco Popolizio Bardales, Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Lima.

Numerous topics were covered during the meeting on 12th August, including the Order’s social and humanitarian projects in Peru, the Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the country (currently around 900,000) as well as the possible involvement of Malteser Peru volunteers in natural disaster relief.

While the Republic of Peru is about to celebrate the bicentenary of its independence in 2021, the Sovereign Order of Malta has suggested writing an account of the long-standing relationship between the Order and Peru, highlighting its participation in the republic’s history.

Minister Popolizio Bardales expressed the Peruvian Government’s satisfaction for the excellent relations with the Sovereign Order of Malta and his desire to further strengthen the bilateral relations established in 1953.

Mauro Bertero Gutiérrez, member of the Sovereign Council and Fabrizio Vinaccia, the Order’s ambassador to Peru, also participated in the meeting, after which Minister Popolizio Bardales offered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs an official lunch in honour of the Grand Chancellor.

In the late afternoon of the same day, the Grand Chancellor encountered the Diplomatic Corps, government authorities and representatives of Peruvian civil society and the cultural world during a reception offered by the Order of Malta’s embassy in Lima.

The Grand Chancellor’s visit will continue until 14th August, taking in meetings with members of the Order’s national association and visits to social and humanitarian projects in the country.