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Help for Kabul from the association of Italian Nnights of the Sovereign Order of Malta

Help for Kabul from the association of Italian Nnights of the Sovereign Order of Malta

A mission representing Rome’s Grand Priory of the Sovereign Order of Malta is leaving today for Kabul to bring relief to the thousands of children in the Afghan capital’s orphanage, who live in conditions of extreme need.

The Sovereign Order of Malta has been present in Afghanistan with its own relief team since last December. In collaboration with the HELP project, it has completed reconstruction of four girls’ schools in the city of Herat, where lessons have resumed normally.

Also in Herat, the Order, at the behest of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, is organising a basic medical station at the Amirdaoud camp, which is home to more than 15,000 refugees. To date, works including demining of the terrain and excavation of wells for drinkable water have been carried out to create a survival infrastructure.

Transportation and organisation for the Rome Grand Priory’s mission were made possible by the Defence Ministry’s Interforce Supreme Operational Command. Travel will be by Italian military aircraft.

The aid consists of clothing, toys, and a monetary offering to contribute to reconstruction.

Leading the mission is the President of the Association of the Italian Knights of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

The materials were collected by the A Goal for Life Association, which for many years has been helping children around the world through the generosity of many Series A soccer players; by Romano charity, well known for the support it gives to foreigners in Italy and to the world’s most needy; by the City of Artena (Rome), which conducted a clothing drive for children; and by the C.S.I. (Italian Sports Centre), which contributed funds.

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