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Order of Malta’s Italian and Romanian Relief Corps mission in Ukraine

Order of Malta’s Italian and Romanian Relief Corps mission in Ukraine

The delegations of the Order of Malta’s Italian and Romanian Relief Corps (CISOM and SAMR) went to Ukraine, in the south-western region of Kamianets-Podilskyi, to visit some refugee centres, humanitarian-aid warehouses and meet local civil and religious authorities.

The purpose of the mission, from 19 to 22 January, was to deliver basic necessities, food and clothing from Italy and Romania to local social services. In each centre, gifts were given to the children, who were also able to interact with delegations and volunteers. The visits are important for better understanding the essential needs of actors on the ground, as well as the material and psychological pressures on both refugees and social workers, to better organize aid.

Also present at the meeting were the President of CISOM, Gerardo Solaro del Borgo, the President of the Romanian Relief Corps, Mihaly Denes, the Director General, Ferenc Tischler, and the program manager, Anca Simu, as well as several relief corps members. The Order of Malta’s Ambassador to Romania, Roberto Musneci, and the Ministerial Advisor in the Order of Malta’s Embassy in Ukraine, Andriy Khanas, participated actively in the organization and meetings.

In addition to the operational inspection, two meetings were conducted with the President of the Kamianets-Podilskyi region, Myhalo Simashkevych, to plan several support projects to be jointly developed by Italian and Romanian relief organizations, with the support of the Order’s embassies in Ukraine and Romania.

Finally, the visit to the regional bishop, Leon Dubravski, who discussed the current political and humanitarian crisis and his concern for the physical and psychological traumas of both the civilian population and wounded soldiers.

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