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Order of St John of Jerusalem of
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Order of Malta Slovakia volunteers providing assistance during the apostolic visit of Pope Francis


During Pope Francis’ apostolic visit to Slovakia – 12-15 September – the Order of Malta´s relief organization in Slovakia (Malteser Aid Slovakia) provided assistance and organisational support to the Slovak Conference of Catholic Bishops in various fields. The volunteers of Malteser Aid Slovakia were deployed during the Pope’s visit and in preparation of his arrival for the registration of the thousands of pilgrims, attendees, and staff.

During the first day of Pope Francis´ visit, Malteser Aid Slovakia provided first aid, crowd management, and chaperone services at the St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava. In collaboration with the medical team of the Mercifull Brothers Hospital, Malteser Aid provided medical supervision for all people with disabilities throughout the whole event, and operated first aid facilities, which were provided in case of medical emergencies. During the final Mass in Šaštín, over 100 volunteers of the Order of Malta managed a sector for over 700 people with disabilities.

Malteser Aid Slovakia works in a number of locations around the country: Bratislava, Nitra, Topolcany in the west, and in eastern Slovakia. Two special projects for the Roma help over 100 children who attend pre-school education every day. Other activities include organisation and healthcare during the national pilgrimage to Sastin, the delivery of over 15,000 meals for the elderly in Bratislava annually, winter night shelter for homeless, and meals and clothes collection for the poor.