Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


Resolutions of the sovereign council

Resolutions of the sovereign council

The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta resolved on the following provisions in its sessions of 18 June and 20 October 2004:

Sovereign Council – Government of the Order

H.E. Jean-Pierre MAZERY, member of the Sovereign Council and Vice Chancellor, was appointed Grand Chancellor ad interim following the grant to H.E. Conte Jacques de LIEDEKERKE’s of a temporary leave of absence from the functions of Grand Chancellor.

Government Council

Winfried HENCKEL von DONNERSMARCK was appointed Vice President of the Government Council with a “Motu Proprio” Decree of 30 October.

National Associations

The Sovereign Council resolved to set up the Association of Knights of PARAGUAY. This brings to 46 the number of the Order’s National Associations.

A Delegation of the Australian Association has also been set up in NEW ZEALAND.

Diplomatic Missions

Ambassador Peter CANISIUS von CANISIUS, already Deputy Chief of Mission, was appointed Representative of the Sovereign Order in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

Communications Board

Franz von HARNONCOURT-UNVERZAGT (Austria) was appointed (18 June 2004) President of the Communications Board.

The new members of the Communications Board (appointed 20 October 2004) are:

– Winfried HENCKEL von DONNERSMARCK (Germany)

– Avv. Michel VEUTHEY (Switzerland)

– Gian Gerolamo CHIAVARI (Italy)

– Thomas G. FLOOD (United States)

– Fabrizio GUIDA (Italy)

– Pablo José SANDONATO de LEON (Uruguay)

The Sovereign Council of 18 June 2004 appointed H.E. Jean-Pierre MAZERY Honorary President of the Communications Board.

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