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The Grand Hospitaller Visits the Earthquake Zone in Italy

The Grand Hospitaller Visits the Earthquake Zone in Italy

“We will continue to help the people in the areas devastated by this earthquake,” said Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, the Order of Malta’s Grand Hospitaller during his visit to the affected towns. “The emergency stage is not yet over, but this visit is a chance to thank our volunteers in the Italian Relief Corps for what they have done so far. They are an example for us all”.

In a letter recently sent to the Order of Malta’s national bodies worldwide the Grand Hospitaller launched an appeal for funds to assist the populations so badly affected by this tragedy. Below are the details for making a donation.

Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, accompanied by Mauro Casinghini, national head of the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps, visited the red zone in Amatrice. Immediately after he went to the Sports Stadium, logistics centre for distributing aid and a shelter for many of the homeless, and then stayed for lunch with the volunteers.

The Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps (CISOM)

Over 50 Order of Malta volunteers are still operating in the area struck by the earthquake on 24th August, causing almost 300 deaths and rendering some 2000 people homeless. The recent bad weather conditions have increased the number of people assisted in the Amatrice Sports Stadium run by the Order of Malta and all the 150 beds are now occupied. In the meantime the aftershocks continue, some of which are also quite strong.

Within the framework of the tasks assigned, CISOM is performing the following activities:

– assistance to the population in terms of distributing essential goods (part of the Sports Stadium is acting as a warehouse)

– reaching the isolated hamlets with health teams for medical checks and distribution of medicines

– psychological assistance with a psychological support team of 4 volunteers

– medicalization of Coastguard helicopter with volunteer resuscitators, ready to transfer the wounded if necessary