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The Order’s aid in Myanmar for cyclone victims continues

The Order’s aid in Myanmar for cyclone victims continues

60,000 in Yangon gain access to safe drinking water

An after effect of cyclone Nargis is polluted water. Order of Malta Emergency Relief teams have been able to set up water purification systems in Yangon, which mean safe drinking water for 60,000 people. The teams are also providing first aid and medical treatment for the sick and injured disaster victims.

The Order’s work in Myanmar continues as it seeks to help the needy, still suffering from the after-effects of this national catastrophe. Aid momentum has stepped up as trucks with relief items supplied by the Order’s Emergency Relief are now able to arrive in Labutta every week. The Myanmar government has closed a number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps and relocated them outside the town. There are about 45,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in five camps in the area. In two of them, the Order is providing medical services as well as water, sanitation and hygiene for 16,000 IDPs and has set up clinics and water treatment plants. This support has also been supplied to 16,000 residents in four wards of Labutta.

An assessment on water and sanitation has begun in Middle Island, a town 20 miles north of Labutta, which had a population of 90,000 before the cyclone.

The Order of Malta Grand Hospitaller Boeselager affirmed: “Despite all difficulties, Malteser International in Myanmar managed to become a point of reference for channelling most of international Catholic aid”.

Present since 2001 in Myanmar, the Order of Malta’s Worldwide Relief Corps, Malteser International, was among the first to assist the victims of cyclone Nargis in early May. More than 1.5 million were made homeless and over 100,000 died.

How you can help

You can support the Order of Malta Worldwide Relief, Malteser International, with your financial contribution. Your help assures that we can continue our disaster relief efforts in Myanmar.

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