Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


The Order’s hostel in cizur menor (Navarra, España) for pilgrims

The Order’s hostel in cizur menor (Navarra, España) for pilgrims

As in other years, the Order of Malta’s hostel for pilgrims on the “Camino de Santiago will be open from June 1st through September 29th.

The hostel is adjacent to the former Commandery of the Order in Cizur Menor, four kilometers from Pamplona (Navarre). It is operated by the Delegation of the Spanish Association of the Order in Navarre with the help of teams of volunteers from Navarre and from other parts of Spain who assist travellers accredited as pilgrims by the credentials issued by their respective parishes.

The hostel has 27 beds and is equipped with showers and kitchen facilities for the pilgrims. Volunteers are on duty from 12,00 to 22,00 o’clock to receive the pilgrims and provide assistance and information. Basic first aid service is available in the afternoon.

Holy Mass is held at 18,30 hours on Sundays at the church of the Commandery. The masses are attended by numerous pilgrims of a variety of nationalities. Mass is also held on such special occasions as the feast of Saint John on June 24th and the feast of Saint James on July 25th.

For more information on the hostel and on the “Camino de Santiago” in general, consult Internet address

Ecomienda de la Orden de Malta

Cizur Menor (Navarre)

(Located 4 kilometers from Pamplona on National Highway N-111 (Pamplona-Navarra)

Telephone of the Delegation of the Spanish Association in Navarre: 948 221 479

(Note: reservations cannot be accepted in accordance with the rules applicable to the hostels on the “Camino de Santiago”.