Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

Humanitarian & medical works


The First Baby of Christmas in Bethlehem 2020

Holy Family Hospital’s all-Palestinian staff of 172 have been eagerly awaiting the first Christmas baby as a sign of hope against the grim backdrop of Covid-19 in Bethlehem.


Order of Malta in Germany to the starting blocks for the vaccination campaign against Covid-19

Hundreds of Covid-19 vaccination centres will be operational in a matter of weeks across Europe. The Order of Malta’s organizational machinery in Germany is also setting up centres


“Maltesers’ Soup”, the poor elderly support campaign in Lithuania is more relevant than ever

The Order of Malta in Lithuania has launched the annual elderly support campaign "Maltesers’ Soup", a successful and well-known initiative that over the years has succeeded in attracting donors and supporters.


Germany: poverty and old age, a combination in worrying growth

In Germany, some 16% of over 65-year-olds are at risk of poverty. For the Fourth World Day of the Poor on 15th November Malteser Deutschland with the German Caritas wanted to draw attention to the fate of the poor


Grand Chancellor speaks with Vatican Radio on the priorities of the Order of Malta after the Council Complete of State

In two separate interviews with the Vatican Radio, the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Malta commented on the recent Council Complete of State which elected Fra’ Marco Luzzago as Lieutenant of the Grand Master.


The Grand Chancellor explains the priorities of the Order of Malta in an interview with the Catholic News Agency

In an extensive interview with the Catholic News Agency, the Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta illustrated the core priorities of the Order of Malta ahead of the next Council Complete of State tasked with the election of a Grand Master - or Lieutenant of the Grand Master -, and in the wake of the pandemic crisis.


Order of Malta in Lebanon launches the agro-humanitarian project “Healthy, We Grow”

Amid the ongoing economic and social crisis Lebanon is enduring, the Order of Malta’s national association is continuing to provide essential healthcare to the population.

Diplomatic Activities

Medical experts meet for a new Doctor to Doctor online meeting in the wake of sharp rise in Covid-19 cases

With numbers of Covid-19 infections soaring in many parts of the world, a new Doctor to Doctor meeting was convened yesterday by the Order of Malta together with the London based think tank Forward Thinking.


The use of new technologies in the humanitarian field

The Sovereign Order of Malta took part in the annual Geneva Webster University Humanitarian and Security Conference, which was live-streamed on 1 and 2 October in the Swiss city.