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Order of Malta expands emergency relief in the Philippines in the aftermath of tropical storm “Washi”

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A total of 100 temporary homes as well as community fountains providing safe drinking water will be constructed in Iligan, a medium-sized city located on the Philippine island of Mindanao. This is the next step the Philippine Association of the Order of Malta, which is conducting relief activities in the region together with Malteser International, will take to support the people severely affected by the tropical storm “Washi” in mid-December. Heavy rainfall and flash floods caused by the storm destroyed whole parts of the island and rendered hundreds of thousands homeless.

“Especially the children, being highly vulnerable, need immediate care and protection. They are at risk of sexual abuse and trafficking because of the congested situation in the evacuation centres and the breakdown of social structures,” explains Dr. Melgabal Capistrano, Malteser International consultant for disaster risk reduction, currently supporting the team on Mindanao.

With this special focus on the safety of unaccompanied and separated children, psycho-social support and preventive measures are part of the relief measures. In response to an appeal of the local authorities, the Philippine Association also supports the management and coordination of the evacuation centres.