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Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


The Order of Malta’s international medical and relief action

The Order of Malta’s international medical and relief action


Rome, 5 December 2005, Palazzo Marini – Chamber of Deputies

Ruins that before the tsunami were villages and towns in India, Cambogia and Vietnam. Villages in the deserts of Niger and Mali, the last outposts of people decimated by famine. Shelters for the homeless in Belgium, where so many victims of marginalization and poverty rediscover hope for the future. Three scenarios, three very different emergencies, but all with a common denominator: the tireless work of all those members, doctors, nurses and volunteers who here and in a thousand other places in the world serve their fellow people under the banner of the eight-pointed cross. A commitment that continues today as it did nine centuries ago.

The conference on “The Order of Malta’s International Medical and Relief Action” was held in Rome on 5 December in the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Promoted by the Grand Chancellor Jean-Pierre Mazery and the Grand Hospitaller Albrecht von Boeselager, the intention was to demonstrate the Order’s aims and work. Besides the official presentation of the Report of Activities 2005 – an account of the initiatives the Order has promoted worldwide over the past four years – some recently completed major projects were illustrated.

In his welcome address, the Grand Chancellor asserted that: «I felt I had to stress an important concept. We decided to present some international initiatives that can be considered good examples of what the Order does. We had to choose between the fifty-six Grand Priories and national Associations operating in 120 countries. These are therefore mere examples which cannot render justice to the vast and complex scenario of the Order’s medical and humanitarian work all over the world».

His Most Eminent Highness the Grand Master Fra’ Andrew Bertie was present at the conference, as well as members of the Sovereign Council, the entire diplomatic corps accredited to the Order and many of its ambassadors. Eminent Holy See personalities and representatives of Italian institutions also attended.


Welcome address

Jean-Pierre Mazery, Grand Chancellor

Outline of the Order of Malta’s international medical and humanitarian actions

Albrecht von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller

The international activities of the Order of Malta’s French Association

Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, President

Thierry de Beaumont-Beynac, Hospitaller, President of the Order of Malta’s French Hospitaller Works

The international activities of the Order of Malta’s German Association

Ingo Radtke, Director international activities

The international activities of the Order of Malta’s Italian Association

Fausto Solaro del Borgo, President

The Order of Malta’s Belgian Association. Shelters for the homeless, an important element of public health and urban safety.

Martine Jonet, Ospedaliere

The international activities of the Order of Malta’s Belgian Association, priority for central Africa

Bernard de Gerlache de Gomery, Presidente Malta Belgium International

Malteser International, the Order of Malta’s International Relief Corps

Nicolas de Cock de Rameyen, President

Ingo Radtke, Secretary General