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The Sainte Fleur Pavilion: a benchmark for maternity care in Madagascar


Quality of pediatric research and care are among the most important innovations

Since its inauguration in 1999, Ordre de Malte France has been running the Sainte Fleur Pavilion in the Antananarivo University Hospital Centre in Madagascar. Part of the “Mother and Child” department, with over 1,860 births and 12,400 checkups a year, this maternity hospital is the most important in Antananarivo. The Centre offers assistance to patients, helping to prepare them to give birth safely and confidently.

On 23rd August last, Jacques Raymond, manager of the Sainte Fleur Pavilion, and Professor Christophe Rogier, manager of the Institut Pasteur in Antananarivo, signed a convention for improving treatment for children with infectious diseases. This convention is part of an epidemiological study carried out by the Institut Pasteur, analysing the impact of antibiotic-resistant infections in babies up to 2 years old.

To improve further the technical potential of the Sainte Fleur Pavilion, a gynaecological operating theatre has just been renovated. Implemented within the framework of the facilities started-up some months ago, it has meant a significant improvement in general hygiene conditions during operations with Caesarean section.

The Sainte Fleur Pavilion has a staff of 79, including 13 doctors. It currently has 56 beds, 3 operating theatres and 4 delivery rooms. It also offers a neonatology service with two incubators (Level 1 neonatal nurses) and two intensive care neonatal beds that enable some 240 prematurely born children to be assisted every year.