Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

Aid for refugees


The Grand Hospitaller in Lebanon to visit some of the most important projects run by the Order of Malta in the Country

The Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta paid a visit to Lebanon where he was able to see first-hand some of the most important projects run by the Lebanese Association.

Diplomatic Activities

Joint statement of Grand Chancellor and Ambassador of Ukraine

The Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta Riccardo Paternò di Montecupo received at the Magistral Palace Andrii Yurash Ambassador of Ukraine to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


Increasing violence in DR Congo: Over 6 million people are forced to flee

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with a staggering six million people displaced due to intensifying conflicts caused by non-state armed groups.

Latest interventions

Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar/Bangladesh: Malteser International provides emergency relief

Only a few weeks ago a major fire in the Cox Bazar refugee camp had destroyed parts of the shelters and facilities with serious consequences for the refugees

Latest interventions

Bangladesh refugee camp fire: Malteser International distributes humanitarian aid

One month after the devastating fire in the Cox Bazar refugee camp in southern Bangladesh, the humanitarian situation is complicated. The fire destroyed about 2,800 huts, leaving 15,000 refugees without shelter.


London hosts the 29th International Hospitaller Conference

How to better help and provide humanitarian assistance to the neediest population - starting from the Ukrainians - and how to improve synergies between the entities that form the Order of Malta – more than 250 – representing at the same time its richness.

Diplomatic Activities

Meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

On Friday, March 17, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Ukraine Antonio Gazzanti Pugliese di Cotrone held a working meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klimenkom.

Latest interventions

Malteser International providing aid after major fire in world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh

On Sunday 5 March a fire broke out in Bangladesh in the world’s largest refugee camp, near the city of Cox’ Bazar. Around 2,000 shelters have been destroyed and nearly 12,000 people lost their home.


The Grand Hospitaller visits Poland and Ukraine

The Order of Malta’s Grand Hospitaller Fra' Alessandro de Franciscis’s journey started in Warsaw, Poland, where he met institutional representatives and visited some of the most significant Order of Malta initiatives to assist refugees and those displaced by the war in Ukraine.