Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

Aid for refugees


The Order of Malta at the forefront in delivering aid to Ukrainian refugees

Since the outbreak of the war, 5 days ago, the Order of Malta and its associations, relief services and volunteer corps have been engaged in Ukraine and in the bordering countries to offer emergency relief, food and psychosocial support.


Malteser International Aid Reaches Ukraine

In the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk, the Order of Malta’s Ukrainian Relief Corps (Malteser Ukraine) has begun to supply displaced people with tents, camp beds, blankets and food.


Ukraine, Malteser International prepares aid for refugees

Malteser International expects a very high need for help for those fleeing the situation in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of people are already on the run, within the country and to neighboring states.


Order of Malta’s Relief Organisation in Lithuania helping Afghani families

The Order of Malta’s Relief Organisation in Lithuania is more and more involved in the integration processes of Afghani people who have fled their country and are now seeking protection in Lithuania.


Facts, Not Feelings. Malteser publishes the 2021 edition of its Migration Report

Now in its third edition, the Maltese Migration Report 2021 sheds new light on migration in Germany. With its fact-based preparation, the report aims to provide impetus for an objective public discussion on different items, giving an up-to-date overview on migration developments.


Belarus: Order of Malta supports migrants in the border area

The Order of Malta has launched a programme for the distribution of food and basic necessities to migrants currently stranded on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Diplomatic Activities

Order of Malta distributes food aid to children in migrant camps near Sarajevo

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Bosnia and Herzegovina - in cooperation with Caritas - distributed food parcels for children in the migrant camps


Syria: Millions of children in the grip of hunger after 10 years of war

The Order of Malta urges the international community not to forget the suffering of children in Syria as the country hits the 10-year mark in its civil war.


Malteser International’s crucial contribution to stability in Iraq

Since 2018, Malteser International has helped to rebuild and repair over 2,000 houses, schools, and playgrounds