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India: Malteser International provides emergency medical aid

The spread of a new Coronavirus mutation has led to a dramatic increase in the number of new infections in India over the past few days. In no other country in the world are so many people being infected with the virus.


Syria: Millions of children in the grip of hunger after 10 years of war

The Order of Malta urges the international community not to forget the suffering of children in Syria as the country hits the 10-year mark in its civil war.


Malteser International’s crucial contribution to stability in Iraq

Since 2018, Malteser International has helped to rebuild and repair over 2,000 houses, schools, and playgrounds


Myanmar: Malteser International’s work affected by state of emergency in the country

The recent political developments in Myanmar have had implications for Malteser International’s humanitarian operations in the country.


Hunger crisis in South Sudan: More than half the population threatened

Ongoing conflicts, flooding, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to 6.35 million people in South Sudan being threatened by hunger. According to the UN, this means that more than half of the population will not have enough food.


Earthquake in Croatia – Order of Malta sends aid and raises funds

The violent 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Croatian city of Petrinja, southeast of the capital Zagreb, on 29 December, and was followed by shockwaves culminating in another violent 4.0 magnitude aftershocks.

Latest interventions

‘A week after the apocalypse in Beirut.’

A week ago a terrible explosion brought destruction and death to Beirut. The President of the Order of Malta's Lebanese Association, Marwan Sehnaoui, wrote a letter of appeal, which is not only a cry of grief for the battered Lebanon, but also describes the activities carried out in support of the population.

Diplomatic Activities

The latest Consultation on climate crisis and displacement or migration

How the Church and religious institutions and organizations are addressing the challenges posed by climate crisis and its effect on migration, and what action should be taken in order to respond more effectively to the growing needs of populations displaced.


Covid 19: Malteser International Emergency Medical Team deployed in Cameroon welcomed by the Prime Minister

The Emergency Medical Team (EMT) of Malteser International deployed in Cameroon a few days ago in order to support the health authorities in dealing with the rising numbers of Covid 19 infections in the country, was greeted on Monday by Cameroon’s  Prime Minister