Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

Latest interventions

Latest interventions

Volunteers at the service of pilgrims on their way to the Shrine of Fatima

2018 marks 42 years of service of the Order of Malta’s Portuguese volunteer Corps to the pilgrims travelling on foot towards the Shrine of Fatima, in Portugal. This year the pilgrimage started on 6 May and will finish on 12 May.

Latest interventions

The Order of Malta intervenes with emergency relief for Venezuelan refugees fleeing to Colombia

With over a million refugees now on Colombian soil, Malteser International - the Order of Malta’s worldwide relief agency - is providing emergency relief along the Colombian-Venezuelan border

Latest interventions

World Leprosy Day: French volunteers take to the streets. 650,000 euro raised in 2017

Every two minutes a new case of leprosy is diagnosed in some part of the world. Contrary to common belief, Hansen’s Disease – the bacterial infection generally called leprosy – is present in 140 countries and continues to infect people, especially in some areas such as Asia and Africa, where half the world’s cases are recorded.

Latest interventions

Health crisis looms on Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Malteser International and the Order’s delegation joint efforts

Latest interventions

Inauguration of a new centre for Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania

The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta (Malteser Albania) has recently inaugurated a multidisciplinary centre for individuals with special needs, and in particular for Roma and Egyptian people.

Latest interventions

“Russian icon: prayer and mercy”, an exhibition dedicated to 25 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Order of Malta inaugurated in Rome

The excellence of the Russian craftsmen, capable of renewing the spiritual message while maintaining the figurative tradition, is proved by the artworks exhibited.

Latest interventions

A Diabetes Clinic Inaugurated in Egypt

The new facility can see some 2000 of the most needy and disadvantaged people in the Egyptian capital every month.

Latest interventions

New medical mission to assist impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic takes place, sponsored by the Cuban association.

Sponsored by the Cuban Association of the Order of Malta the 4-day mission reached out to 1.000 patients affected by different pathologies.

Latest interventions

Hurricane Harvey: the Order of Malta at work to bring relief

Hurricane Harvey made landfall and destroyed coastal Texas causing mass destruction.