Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


Lebanon: activities and emergency projects of the lebanese association


A long list of humanitarian initiatives and a significant number of people aided during and after the war. This is the result of the work performed by the Order’s Lebanese Association since the outbreak of the latest conflict in July last year. This last war has caused considerable damage, with 1,200 dead, over 4,000 wounded and a million refugees, not to mention the destruction of houses, bridges, roads and airports. Because of this Lebanon is now undergoing a general impoverishment of all its social and economic activities.

A long list of suffering alleviated by the daily work of the Order’s twelve medical-social centres – active without interruption for over 30 years – now offering the only respite for thousands of civil refugees blocked in the inaccessible areas in the south. In addition to this commitment, the Order’s medical-social centre in Siddikine in southern Lebanon, damaged by the bombing, has re-opened. There is a new centre for assisting the traumatized, again in Siddikine, and a mobile health clinic and first-aid centre have been opened in Ein Ebel, serving a significant number of nearby towns.

The Lebanese Association has now to start other actions in addition to those which they already run across the whole Lebanese territory. This is a very difficult undertaking, which the Lebanese Association will not be able to shoulder all by itself over the years to come. Therefore we thank you in advance for all the help you can give.

Donations for the Order of Malta’s humanitarian interventions in Lebanon should be paid into the current account of the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta:

Bank: Banque Audi Dora Beyrouth Liban

Account number: 089043 – 461 – 002 005 34

Swift Code: AUDBLBBX