Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

Disaster relief & prevention


Flood operation of the Order of Malta in Germany: 4,000 relief interventions

The Order of Malta in Germany presented its figures on the relief measures put in place in the aftermath of the violent floods that hit the country recently. More than 2,000 volunteers from all over Germany came into action to support the people affected.

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Flooding in Germany: Order of Malta working around the clock

Over 900 Order of Malta volunteers are currently in action following devastating flooding in parts of Germany. They are providing food and care for the people affected and helping with reconstruction where possible.

Latest interventions

Order of Malta participates in large-scale rescue efforts after German floods

"It’s like a war scenario: there’s no water, no electricity, no internet connection and many roads are impassable." These are the dramatic eye-witness accounts from the North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate regions,


DR Congo: Tens of thousands flee their homes in fear of volcanic eruptions

Tens of thousands of people have fled from the eastern Congolese city of Goma amid warnings of an imminent volcanic eruption from Mount Nyiragongo.


Wooden houses for the earthquake victims in Croatia

Petrinja, Sisak, Glina. Two months after the violent 6.2 magnitude earthquake, there is no longer any rubble in the streets of these little towns south of Zagreb, in Croatia, but many people are still homeless during the coldest period of the year


Order of Malta in France on front line after new record for Covid-19 cases

The Order of Malta’s health units in France have been engaged on the Covid-19 front since the emergency began last spring.


Addressing needs after devastating explosion in Beirut

In the aftermath of the disaster that hit Beirut two weeks ago, the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta has been working relentlessly providing free healthcare assistance in the most impacted areas.

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‘A week after the apocalypse in Beirut.’

A week ago a terrible explosion brought destruction and death to Beirut. The President of the Order of Malta's Lebanese Association, Marwan Sehnaoui, wrote a letter of appeal, which is not only a cry of grief for the battered Lebanon, but also describes the activities carried out in support of the population.


Explosion in Beirut: Order of Malta’s condolences and solidarity

The day after the devastating explosion in Beirut, the Lieutenant ad interim, Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas sent a message of condolence to the Lebanese president Michel Aoun